SIP Services

Ashlin offers both flat rate SIP lines, as well as low cost multiline trunks where you pay only for the capacity you use. Combining the two will provide you with the lowest monthly cost and will guarantee no one ever gets a busy tone.

  • $27 per line (minimum 2 lines)
  • $40 for Unlimited North American Calling including free worldwide calling to other users. Fax to email capability (minimum 2 lines)
  • $50 Home Office special - 2 lines, unlimited north american calling, 50 fax-to-email pages, No Phone System required, you can use the included softphone, purchase an adapter to use analog phones, or you can purchase SIP phones.
  • Residential lines starting at only $11 per month
  • $6 for a 5 line (or more with committment) SIP trunk with low per minute fees for local and long distance

Combine to Save Money

Some of our clients have combined lines to save money. For example you can keep your main phone line as it is, instead of using the carrier's voicemail, or a hunt group, only pay for a single line and have it fail-over to SIP lines or a SIP trunk when the line is busy.

Another option is to move your phone number to one or more flat rate SIP lines, and to handle peak periods, have the last line forward busy to a SIP trunk.

Of if you have a small office and only occassional phone usage, use only a SIP trunk and just pay for what you use.

Moving some or all of your voice traffic to SIP can reduce phone bills dramatically. Not only do you save on the lines themselves, but you reduce long distance and toll free number costs dramatically.

Talkswtich Customers can have 2 months free

Congratulations on your TalkSwitch purchase!

Your TalkSwitch phone system comes with two SIP lines on us! Your VoIP-enabled TalkSwitch phone system comes with 2 months of VoIP service from Ashlin & babyTEL as our gift to you. This $204 gift effectively reduces the cost of your phone system. No need to call the telephone company or add any connections - you are already connected. You just have to register! Best offer ever - free for two months!.

Your purchase includes two months of the following services:

  • two 'All-IN' lines
  • incoming calls
  • outgoing calls
  • DID number - keep your existing number or get a new one
  • long distance calls to US and Canada
  • standard features like 911-service, Caller ID

PLUS get an additional FREE month and FREE setup with a one year prepaid subscription. AND if you register for regular service before the 2 months have elapsed, we'll credit the remaining time! No commitment to purchase - no contract required! We've made it possible for you to try VoIP3 at no risk. You like it, you buy it!

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